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Cut up the raw material first.

Centrifugal filtration

Let the extract liquid be centrifugal filtered


Spray drying or Vacuum drying the concentrated extract liquid.


Extract with water & edible alcohol.


Vacuum concentrate the filtered extract liquid.

Comminution and Packing

Comminute,filter and pack the product.

Product series


0.2%~10.0% eurycomanone from Tongkat ali root

Fungi Polysaccharides

30%~50% polysaccharides from Edible fungi mushroom

Tea Saponin

90%~95% saponin from Camellia oleifera seed


50% resveratrol from Giant Knotweed

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Experience, efficient and innovation – three words are perfectly suited to Nulantchem. Nulantchem was founded in 2011, but our team members have 17 years of experience of plant ingredient in production and R&D. Focus, seriously and honest let us steady progress. We can not promise we can provide the lowest price products, but we are sure to provide you cost-effective and real natural herbal products.
You can tell us all the parameter requirements of the new specification or you can provide samples to us.
Usually, we can provide 5-10g free sample for you to test.
Sample is for transparent sealed plastic bag. Bulk goods is for round paper drum. 20kg or 25kg/drum
After more than three months of research and trials, our company’s new product-Tongkat Ali extract 10% Eurycomanone come out. It is extracted from better raw materials, with the advanced technology.

Yes. We can offer you higher specification. It is 10% eurycomanone from tongkat ali root.

We have higher specification of eurycomanone. Such as 12% eurycomanone and more higher specification. You can contact us first. Thanks.

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