Multi-angle Product Presentation About Longjack Tongkat ali Extract

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Eurycoma longifolia Jack, known locally as ‘Tongkat Ali’, is popularly taken as a traditional herbal medecine to improve the male libido, sexual prowess and fertility in some Southeast Asian countries.

The traditional way to take it is to boil water or soak wine with slices of Tongkat Ali root.The taste of Tongkat Ali water or wine is extremely bitter and most people can not accept it,which seriously affected the promotion of Tongkat ali. Now, tongkat ali extract reverse this situation.

We extract the useful ingredients in the Tongkat Ali root with modern herb extraction method, and make them into powder. The powder is Tongkat ali extract. It can be filled into capsules, or made into pills. They are easily to be taken. The bitter taste will not bother the consummers any more.

Eurycomanone is the highest concentrated quassinoid in the Tongkat ali extract. Study shows it improved fertility by increasing testosterone and spermatogenesis. And some other studies show, its ability to increase testosterone was positively correlated with the concentration of Eurycomanone. So the concentration of Eurycomanone is used to define the purity of Tongkat Ali extract, the concentration of Eurycomanone higner, the Tongkat Ali extract is more pure, powerful.

In order to reduce the dosage, we did a lot of research to increase the concentration of Eurycomanone in Tongkat Ali extract. With help of advanced equipments and methods, now we get rid of most impurities, now the concentration of Eurycomanone of our Tongkat Ali extract is up to 10%.

The higher the purity, the higher the cost. The suitable one is the best, Which concentration to choose depends on your technical requirements.

Tongkat ali extract is an oral supplement, to keep its safety, we insist use edible ethanol as extraction solvent, it is much expensive than manthanol, but it can avoid harmful solvent residue in our product. We also do many detections of the Tongkat ali raw material, all these works is aim to make our product more safe.

Our eurycomanone both in price and in quality, both have a competitive advantage in the market. If you want to improve the market competitiveness of eurycomanone capsules and pills, you can click here to know more details about our eurycomanone powder.

Eurycomanone 1%-10% from tongkat ali (eurycoma longifolia) root